Unleashing Expression in Your Dog Photography

With Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock

Are you ready to transform your images from technically correct pictures to stunning portraits?

Capturing good expression is one of THE most important aspects of dog photography, and makes the difference between a photo that is technically correct but missing "something", to one that will blow people's socks off.

Understanding what makes an expression engaging, and, most importantly, how to ensure that your dog models are comfortable enough to offer you those expressions, are fundamental skills that every dog photographer needs, to consistently deliver images that show off the personality of their dog models in a way that the viewer can instantly connect with.

In this presentation, you will learn what to look for in the dog's body language to indicate they are happy or uncomfortable, how to set them and yourself up for success, and a wealth of tips built up through many years of experience working with a huge range of dogs.

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"This was a real eye-opener! I went away and applied these techniques after watching - I never realised how much of a difference something so seemingly simple as expression could make to my dog photos!"

- Amelia Andrews, UK

This course covers:

  • Why expression is important in dog photography
  • How to interpret signals your canine subject is giving you
  • What makes "good" expression and what expressions should be avoided
  • How to handle sessions when dogs are giving unwanted expressions
  • How to elicit positive expressions in your subjects
  • How to select images for best expression
  • Expression in action shots
  • Posing for expression
  • Expression through silhouettes
  • Loads of real-life example shots to help choose the best of a series
  • Many examples of positive and negative expressions
  • Mini quizzes to test your understanding 

If you want to focus on crafting highly engaging dog portraits filled with expression and personality, while also exploring dog body language and positive reinforcement handling techniques, this presentation is for you! 

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Unleashing Expression in Your Dog Photography

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What's included:

  • A 75-minute video presented by Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock, with real-life example images
  • 90-page downloadable PDF guide of slides and images summarising the video's details
  • Instant lifetime access
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