The Low Down

By Craig Turner-Bullock

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"Wow! The Low Down was really eye opening! I can't believe such a simple change can create such 'wow factor' images! I can't wait to try this out at my next session. Having the editing process included is the icing on the cake; two classes in one! Thank you Craig!"

Sheila Brauning, USA

Do you want to instantly create more impactful images?

You need The Low Down!

Hi, Craig here! 👋

If there's just one piece of advice for dog photographers that makes the biggest difference to your work, it's this! There's many reasons why shooting from a low angle makes your work 1000% better, and in this video I share them all with real-life shooting clips, plus bonus editing advice.

This class covers:
  • Why getting low is important for dog photography
  • How getting low for your images creates impactful results
  • How getting low changes the dynamic of action shots
  • The best way to eliminate background clutter (can you guess what is is?!)
  • Extreme getting low - lower than ground level!
  • Comparison images at a variety of shooting angles
  • Ways to get low if you don't want to get messy
  • Real life shooting situations with 3 dogs
  • My complete start to finish editing process in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom
What's included:
  • 19 minute real life shooting video

  • 31 minute editing video

If you want to start creating more impactful, engaging images - this video is for you. And I'm not sorry for the mess you might end up in! 😉


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Please note: This video made its debut in the Hair of the Dog's November 2019 Online Summit. If you already signed up for the Summit, this is the exact same video - you already have it! 😉

Your Instructor

Craig Turner-Bullock

Craig has been photographing dogs professionally since 2001. Based in Christchurch, Craig travels across New Zealand and all over the world to capture images that show his subjects true personality in bright and glorious technicolour, for both commercial clients and everyday family dogs.

He loves teaching aspiring and professional pet photographers at workshops, conferences and online.

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