The Low Down

By Craig Turner-Bullock

Do you want to instantly create more impactful images?

Then you need The Low Down!

Hi, Craig here! 👋

If there's just one piece of advice for dog photographers that makes the biggest difference to your work, it's this - get down low!

There's many reasons why shooting from a low angle makes your work 1000% better, and in this video I share them all with real-life shooting clips, plus bonus editing advice.

See how getting down low is the #1 thing that can transform your pet photos from snapshots into professional looking portraits and action shots.

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"Wow! The Low Down was really eye opening! I can't believe such a simple change can create such 'wow factor' images! I can't wait to try this out at my next session. Having the editing process included is the icing on the cake; two classes in one! Thank you Craig!"

Sheila Brauning, USA

This class covers:

  • Why getting low is important for dog photography
  • How getting low for your images creates impactful results
  • How getting low changes the dynamic of action shots
  • The best way to eliminate background clutter (can you guess what is is?!)
  • Extreme getting low - lower than ground level!
  • Comparison images at a variety of shooting angles
  • Ways to get low if you don't want to get messy
  • Real life shooting situations with 3 dogs
  • My complete start to finish editing process in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom 

If you want to start creating more impactful, engaging images - this video is for you. And I'm not sorry for the mess you might end up in! 😉

Watch the preview:


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The Low Down

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  • 31 minute editing video

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