Style Lab Workshop 2020

A quick wrap-up of our very first Style Lab Workshop.

Created by internationally acclaimed pet photographers Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock, the very first Style Lab Workshop was held in January 2020 in beautiful Tasmania, Australia.

It was a dog photography learning experience like no other. Over four full days, we delved deep into what made our attendee's work instantly recognisable, providing them with a deeper insight into themselves, their work, and their own unique style.

There was plenty of opportunity for group and individual activities, inspirational chats, creative shoots and editing deep dives.

We shot at three amazing locations - a lavender farm (featuring the most epic sunset), a blue lake and a forest. Our attendees found these locations so inspirational!

During the workshop, our attendees:

  • Explored what makes them different from other photographers.
  • Learned how to tap into their unique way of seeing, interacting with and interpreting the world.
  • Gave themselves space to honestly explore what makes them happy, and hone in on what they truly enjoy.
  • Learned why being different can help pave the way to success.
  • Discovered how to inject their personality and vision into their work.
  • Understood why shooting for themselves can be instrumental in attracting an audience that appreciates them for their style.
  • Identified any skills they needed to develop further, to create their unique style.

Style Lab Workshop 2020 was the life changing experience that our attendees had been waiting for!

Our Style Lab Workshop attendees and instructors on the last day.


Our International Special Guest

Our international special guest joined us all the way from Poland. Alicja Zmys┼éowska is an incredibly talented and world-renowned dog photographer of 12 years and has taught workshops all over Europe - we decided that it was high time she came down under!

Her work is instantly recognisable for her ability to transport the viewer into another world, where the stunning beauty of nature is combined with the unique personalities of the dogs she photographs. She is a master of colour and tone, composition and expression, and a true pioneer in the soft, dreamy style that she is so well known for.

Alicja, Craig and Charlotte.

Behind the Scenes

Some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks taken by the instructors and attendees, showing our beautiful shooting locations and dog models.

"The all inclusive, full immersion type style of these workshops just crams so much valuable content into every hour of the day. You'll make friends for life while massively improving your photography skills at the same time: what's not to love about that! We went to unbelievably stunning locations for our shoots, and had amazing dog models who came with fully prepared, educated, and engaged owners.

"Charlotte, Craig and Alicja just provided us with so much inspiration that by the time of our photoshoots, we were bouncing off the walls ready to go. These shoots provided us with a perfect, safe, learning environment, while challenging all of us individually at the same time, which is not an easy thing to do.

"Charlotte, Craig and Alicja blew us all away with how open they were, showing us their pet photography journeys from the very start and sharing their inspirations. We all watched in awe as Alicja shot live in front of the group, and then again as she edited the images from start to finish right in front of our eyes. It doesn't get too much better than that.

"I have come away from Style Lab with increased confidence, inspiration and joy in my own photography, some images for my portfolio and a testimonial for my website. But the intangible things are so much more: a feeling of camaraderie with my fellow students that I honestly think we will have for years to come, and a now personal relationship with the tutors that I will cherish forever."

Sarah Coverdale, UK

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