Find Your Style

By Craig Turner-Bullock

Do you want to take your pet photography to the next level?

Do you want to work with clients who truly get you and value your work?

Who really want what you offer and are willing to pay good money for it?

Hey there, this is Craig - welcome to my signature course! 👋

Having a "style" in your work isn't just about all your images looking the same. It's not about always photographing in the same locations. It's not about always using a 85mm prime lens, or always shooting wide angle (though these may be things you gravitate towards, and that's fine too). And it's not about using the same preset in Lightroom on every. single. one. of your images.

So what is style?

Finding your style is all about being yourself, living authentically, creating authentically. I call it your ‘glitter’. To truly move forward we have to find that glitter and embrace it.

Be brave, stand out from the crowd and dare to be different.

This is an extensive and in depth glitterific style-finding course. With more than 12 hours of content in 70+ videos. If it will help you find your glitter it's in there.

Find Your Style comprises six course modules with multiple lessons, designed to cover everything you need to know so you can go out in to the world confident of your unique style and be free to truly sparkle!

Are you ready to find your glitter and elevate your craft?

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"Craig has taught me so much about the technical side of pet photography, but more importantly how to find inspiration that sparks my own creative juices and lets my natural strengths come through stylistically! I'd highly recommend this course to everyone who's interested in taking their photography to the next level!"

Tamara, New Zealand

What's included in the course?

  • Instant access to all 6 course modules containing over 60 videos and 10 hours of style finding content
  • Printable PDF workbook for each module, or download individual cheat sheets and guides
  • Creative challenges for each module to get your creativity flowing
  • Lessons from other industry leaders on topics covering mindset, creativity and dog body language, plus a yoga class designed especially for pet photographers
  • 3 optional one-on-one lifeline calls with Craig

What they're saying about Find Your Style...


"This may sound strange, but somewhere along the way your words touched me. I dug deeper into my soul than I have in many, many years. Just know I appreciate everything."

Cris, Alaska

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Find Your Style

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  • 6 Module Premium Course

  • 10 hours of style finding content over 60 videos

  • 3 Lifeline Calls with Craig

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