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e•merge (i-ˈmərj); to come into being through evolution

Our intermediate 6-month interactive challenge-based dog photography course in our Unleashed Challenges series, focusing on helping you to expand your shooting shot list and learn valuable new skills.

Running now! April 1 - September 30, 2024

Are you ready for a unique set of challenges?

Keen to be inspired and motivated?

Of course you are, that's why you're here!

Our Unleashed Challenges motivate you to get out and shoot while bonding with your own dog, or finding new dogs to work with to expand your portfolio and even generate some income or hype around your business in the process.

Our Unleashed Challenges connect you with the great little community we have created, a place where your peers around the world uplift and support you on your journey.

We’ve put our extensive experience and knowledge into creating twelve educational, inspirational challenges for you, that we just know you are going to love! Just the right amount of fun and games, but also pushing you to shoot different, try new, and get better!

We can't wait to see you in Emerge!

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨


"If you have any hesitation on joining Emerge, just do it. It's really worth it and will stretch, educate and grow you as a photographer!"

- Suzy, USA

How does it work?

Emerge is an interactive dog photography course based on completing shooting challenges. The course runs for six months, and includes 12 challenges - a new one every two weeks.

We guide you step-by-step through the creation of each shot!

We provide a full instructional video, behind-the-scenes footage, plenty of real-life examples and stories, a downloadable cheat sheet and daily encouragement and inspiration.

Meet your new friends in the community!

Each year we create a private pop-up Facebook group just for Emergers! Get support, feedback and inspiration in this friendly and supportive Emerge community.

At the end of each two-week challenge, you get feedback!

In a recorded feedback video we provide constructive critique (guaranteed to help you improve) and select the Top 10 images. This has been described by many as the most valuable part of the experience!

Get your work shared!

Get valuable exposure for your website, blog or social media accounts if your submission is selected for the Top 10 - we share on our socials and blog.

Finishing off with final celebration of all your hard work!

At the end of the six month course, we wrap up with the Emerge Awards! We assess all the completed image portfolios and choose an overall winner plus second and third place, plus an overall winner of each individual challenge.

Extend your skills and challenge yourself with Emerge!

Emerge Inclusions

  • Membership to the popup Facebook group
  • Introductory video with full instructions for every challenge, also available in blog post and podcast-style audio
  • Cheat Sheet PDF download for each challenge to take on shoots
  • Regular encouragement emails with inspirational images and deadline reminders
  • Easy upload and management of your challenge images
  • Opportunity to be featured in our Top 10 blog post and social media shares for each individual challenge
  • We record our feedback and Top 10 selection process for each challenge, so you can watch the recording for feedback on your submitted image.
  • Badges and certificates for Top 10 and challenge winning images
And when you complete all 12 individual challenges by the final due date:
  • Automatic entry into the final Emerge Awards where you could win cash prizes for first ($500), second ($250) and third ($100) place!
  • Digital completion certificate

Looking for a more flexible learning experience?

If you'd love to participate in these challenges, but...

⏱️ The timing just isn't right

❄️ The seasons where you live don't make it easy to shoot, following the timeline

😩 You're just way too busy to get all the challenges shot in six months!

🚫 You'd prefer not to participate in any of the interactive components (feedback, Facebook group, awards etc)

Emerge Self Paced is available for you to enrol in right now. 

Discover Enrolment Modes

"Six months of hard work but also joy, getting amazing feedback from Charlotte and Craig. I learned so much, not only about photography, but also about myself - and that you should never give up!"

- Karen, the Netherlands

We don't just throw themes at you and leave you to your own devices...

We show you how to shoot capture these diverse shot ideas, with instructional videos, cheat sheets and some fun behind-the-scenes videos into our own photo shoots!

Learn exactly how to create these shots...

More than just doorways.
How many different ways can you frame your subject? We build on your compositional knowledge in this challenge.

Give me some space!
Negative space can be a powerful compositional tool, but works best when you keep in mind a few key guidelines.

Light or dark?
We investigate using light and dark tones to create a mood, compliment your subject and create eye-catching imagery.

What can you find indoors?
We stay under a roof for this challenge and focus on finding the light and creating an environmental portrait.

Follow the action!
Discover how to create a sense of movement for a very different style of action shot, but make sure your settings are correct!

Have an eye for detail?
We dive into capturing doggy (and other pet) details in this challenge, focusing on how to make them stand out!

All about silhouettes.
Always wondered how to nail this unique lighting technique? We share our best tips for posing, composition and light!

Slow it down.
Not quite a portrait, not quite an action shot. We share how to create super dynamic portraits with plenty of expression.

Time to reflect.
Reflections can be found in so many locations and used super creatively to tell a story and provide visual interest. 

Double the fun!
You'll have no trouble photographing two dogs after discovering our tips for working with multiple subjects.

Add some pretty.
We show you exactly how to create images full of sparkly bokeh, whether you're working with natural or artificial light.

Shake it off!
Warning: you WILL get wet shooting this challenge. We share all our best tips for creating shake shots.

When you've completed Emerge you'll be able to...

 Confidently use framing and negative space for stunning compositions

Create moody high key and low key images full of emotion

Capture stunning specialist action shots that will wow your followers

 Use the light to create indoor portraits and silhouettes

 Confidently handle and pose two dogs to create engaging double portraits

 Hone in on the details that pet owners love

Add a little sparkle to your shots by sprinkling in some bokeh

Always come up with new ideas, without resorting to plain and boring posed portraits!

"Charlotte and Craig are amazing teachers and through these challenges, they have found a way to make online learning feel a little more like an in-person workshop. The individual feedback we received on our images was invaluable!"

- Keri, USA

Emerge Modes

We offer two different modes of completion to suit your lifestyle.

Timeline Mode

$497 USD

Education + Maximum Motivation

Standard Inclusions
  • Lifetime access to comprehensive dog photography educational content
  • Participate in 12 shooting challenges bi-weekly over 6 months
  • Full instructional videos for each challenge
  • Fun "behind the scenes" videos from your instructors of their experiences shooting for the challenges
  • Cheat Sheet PDF downloads for each challenge
Exclusive to Timeline Mode
  • Interactive participation over the 6-month course - runs from April 1 until September 30, 2024
  • Reminder and inspiration emails for each challenge
  • Personal recorded feedback on all your submitted challenge images from Charlotte and Craig
  • Opportunity to have your image included in the Top 10 when you submit on the timeline
  • Awarded images are featured on our social channels and blog for an SEO boost
  • Automatic entry in the Emerge Awards - win cash prizes! Winner receives $500, second place receives $250 and third place receives $100
  • Digital certification including completion certificates, winner certificates and achievement badges
  • Popup Facebook group membership - a supportive and inspirational community!
 Payment Options
  • Cashback available* Save $50!
  • Premium Members discount available** Save $50!
  • Optional add-on Private Portfolio Review*** Add $247 $197
  • Payment plan available


NEW Self Paced

$297 USD Special Introductory Price

Education + Flexibility

Standard Inclusions
  • Lifetime access to comprehensive dog photography educational content
  • Participate in 12 shooting challenges at your own pace
  • Full instructional videos for each challenge
  • Fun "behind the scenes" videos from your instructors of their experiences shooting for the challenges
  • Cheat Sheet PDF downloads for each challenge
Exclusive to Self Paced Mode
  • No timelines - begin and finish any time
  • Social media shares if you tag us when you post your challenge images
  • Digital certification including completion certificate and completion badges
Payment Options
  • Cashback available* Save $50!
  • Premium Members discount available** Save $50!
  • Optional add-on Private Portfolio Review*** Add $247 $197
  • Payment plan available
Enrol in Emerge Self Paced!

* Cashback. If you shared your experiences on social media back when you completed Embark, we took note! And you're still eligible for that $50 cashback. It will be refunded from your full payment, or from the final payment if you opt for the payment plan.

** Members discount. If you are an Unleashed Education Premium Member we have emailed you with the discount code, but if you need us to send this again please get in touch.

*** Private Portfolio Review. Add this on when you enrol to get a 1 hour online review call with Charlotte or Craig to get feedback on your completed Emerge portfolio after the course ends. Save $50 by adding on when you enrol, or decide and pay later. Availability is limited!

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