7 Ways to Unleash Variety in Your Dog Photography Sessions

With Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock

Do you feel that all your photos look the same?

You're shooting the same subject in the same location, and so of course all your photos will look the same, right?


In this presentation, you will learn some simple and effective ways of unlocking your creativity to create a wide range of different looks. Start wowing your clients with amazing variety captured in a single session.

If you're interested in learning techniques to bring a wider variety of looks to your sessions, this resource is for you!

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"Wow! This was such a helpful resource for giving my sessions an injection of creativity! Such useful, actionable, and simple ways of creating so much variety. Thank you!"

- Fiona Lovett

This video covers:

  • Why it's important to create variety
  • How creating variety and having a style can happily co-exist
  • Using different lenses and focal lengths to create drastically different looks
  • How to work with dogs to create different poses
  • How you can use the light to create various looks
  • How to work within the one location to create variety just by moving to different spots
  • Why you should regularly switch up your framing
  • How you can use compositional techniques (blog post) to enhance your work
  • Are rules made to be broken?
  • Some golden nuggets of advice to help keep you motivated and excited to learn and improve
  • Tonnes of real-life dog photography session inspo taken directly from our experiences as long term professional pet photographers

What's included:

  • 50 minute video presented by Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock, with real-life example images

  • 20-page downloadable PDF Companion Guide

  • 42-page downloadable PDF Slide Deck

  • Blooper video!

If you find it a challenge to capture a wide range of images that encapsulate the different aspects of a dog's personality in a single session, this educational video is guaranteed to give your creativity a push!

You'll be creating sets of images so diverse that owners will want to purchase not just one image, but every single one!

Buy the standalone resource now, or join the Unleashed Education Premium Membership for instant access to a wealth of pet photography resources!

7 Ways to Unleash Variety in Your Dog Photography Sessions

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What's included:

  • A 50-minute close-captioned video presentation
  • 20-page downloadable PDF Companion Guide
  • 42-page downloadable PDF Slide Deck
  • Instant lifetime access
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  • Instant access to 7 Ways to Unleash Variety in Your Dog Photography Sessions
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About your teachers

Charlotte and Craig

With * years of combined experience as working professional pet photographers (Craig actually celebrated his 20th year as a pet photographer in 2021), we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We’ve spent years shooting for both personal and commercial clients, creating award-winning images in the process. We’ve both completed personal projects and have firmly established (but constantly evolving) styles of our own.

We’re not primarily teachers or business people who have decided to teach photography to make money. We’re photographers first, who also share a passion for helping pet photographers around the world to learn, grow and succeed in their chosen field.

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