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Edit My Photo Challenge Winner May 2021

edit my photo challenge Jun 02, 2021
Edit My Photo Challenge May 2021

Hi, Craig here!

I photographed Tabasco the Border Collie one morning up in the Port Hills as the sun rose over Christchurch City below, it's one of my favourite shots and I was keen to see what our Unleashed Education members would do with it.

So in this month's Edit My Photo Challenge, Unleashed Education members were asked to edit this RAW file:

In this edit, I wanted to see them work with the oodles of data and dynamic range available in this super high-resolution medium format Fujifilm GFX 50s RAW file.

As I expected, not many members have had the chance to play with medium format images before and judging by the feedback, they were blown away by this file! Surprised how big the file is, the detail it contains and it sounds like Fujifilm might have to start paying me a commission on people buying GFX system cameras!!!

I’ve judged this based on:

  • How well they edited for colour, contrast, white balance and quality, and;
  • The overall feeling of the image

I was amazed by the variety of edits for such a simple image.

There were so many different tones, warm and soft, cool and dramatic, and everything in between. I also loved seeing the sky replacements as this is something I really don’t ever do.

Everyone who submitted did an awesome job and it was great to see how others interpreted my image, so well done all and thank you all.

I’m very excited to reveal the winner of this months Edit My Photo Challenge. 

I chose this edit for a few reasons. First and foremost I love the feeling of the image, it feels soft and warm, which matches the time of day I originally shot the image at (sunrise). I like the crop too, which changes it up from the usual medium format ratio of 4:3.

But what I like most is the fantastic job that has been done on the sky replacement. The masking is flawless, the direction of light matches up with Tabasco and the depth of field is spot on too.

So drumroll please…

Congratulations go to Amanda, who is this month’s winner. check out her edit below.

Just to satisfy your curiosity, I know you're wondering what I originally did with my image of Tabasco, so here it is!

- Craig

What is Edit My Photo?

Edit My Photo is a monthly competition where we provide one of our RAW files to our Unleashed Education members to edit. Each month we pick a winner and they get to submit one of their RAW files back to us to edit for them! Our edits are made into editing tutorials you can watch on our Youtube Channel.

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